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Making conversations with business leaders and entrepreneurs count.

"Making Conversations Count" is a show which features fascinating people from the world of business who reflect on career defining conversations.

They share one of their own conversations that became the turning point in their career, and ultimately their business.

Some would call it their 'pivotal moment'.

We call it those conversations that 'count'.

It can be invaluable for an aspiring entrepreneur or business person to hear the journey of industry professionals, and can help shape their own path to success.

When we realise the challenges we face are all similar, we can learn from these stories.

Host Wendy Harris loves conversations, so she's incredibly excited to see where each episode will take us!

As a business leader and owner herself, working in the conversation space, Wendy is passionate about everything to do with conversations.

Wendy understands the value of sharing stories with a goal to encouraging others to build relationships.

Guests so far have included business coaches, marketing experts, sales professionals and even broadcasters, savvy social media pros and influencers.

Each episode contains real value for you, whatever line of business you are in.

So what are you waiting for?

Click the play button, and listen in on one of the many conversations that transcend topics like mental health, stress, parenting and money.

One of these conversations just might change your life.

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Apr 1, 2021

We will all eventually lose our parents. Sadly, it's a part of life.

Not many of us have to suffer that loss at the tender age of just six.

We couldn't think of a nicer guy to help us with our goal of making conversations about ideas count.

Truly, if anyone can hold a conversation about ideas, it's Nik Venios of the Ideas Agency.

Did you know that NASA has a genius test?

During this episode, you'll find out all about this, and the fascinating stats surrounding it.

Not least fascinating is the surprising revelation about the age group that tops the score board!

There's also something called a conversation safari.

That's a new one on our very own 'Conversation Queen' Wendy Harris!

Yet, it makes perfect sense to get people in your team to have a purposeful conversation to solve the problems that are in actual fact, great gifts.

With references to luminaires like Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Edison this episode is loaded with really interesting insights and valuable conversations surrounding ideas.

We learn how we need creatives to navigate the opportunities waiting for us.

Nik also talks about the Ideas Academy

Let us know if you find it interesting!

Nik's Mum was poorly when he was 6 years old and he would figure out ways to help her, which leads us to Nik's conversation that counts.

NASA, it seems you missed a trick with our Nik!

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