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This podcast is an opportunity for business leaders to reflect on one conversation that became a turning point in their career. Join host Wendy Harris each episode as she chats to guests to establish why this one moment was so important to them, and what followed.

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Jan 28, 2021

Google has recognised this lady as the #1 marketing coach and her video series mixes humour with key messages, it is the lovely Janine Coombes.

In this episode, Janine and Wendy share how using the right language influences the conversations we have and how it affects our results.

Janine reflects on a conversation that a teacher asked her class "Are you a Feminist?". A question that has had a powerful effect on Janine's values and how it informs decisions.

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Your host, Wendy Harris, runs a training business and has been Making Conversations Count for over 30 years. She has a best selling book on Amazon and loves nothing better than helping others find the right people to have the right conversations with. You can find out more on her website